Shaneen’s Story

After a decade and this current phase of life, I have succeeded in my work and business career co-creating success with people to reach their personal and professional potential.

Over the years I have contributed to millions of dollar project savings with successful delivery results for clients and contractors as well as winning national and international awards.

Clients have noted in their testimonials, about me. "Shaneen has...

“... pragmatism and energy to drive the team to outcomes whilst maintaining her humour throughout, ... is an insightful and committed professional, passionate about transformation of individuals and organisations that delivers sustainable results... is able to skilfully guide diverse groups to get the outcomes required with humour, creativity and smart business thinking along the way... and has the confidence, capability and full integrity to help teams get results”.

‘Action speaks...  without it, hope alone weakens the soul'  (Shaneen Meyers)

I have abundance in many forms. I work with clients who enjoy working with me; and together we make a difference in our world.


“We are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another” (Klaus Schwab,The Fourth Industrial Revolution)

There is a need for a fundamental shift to how people can make better informed decisions as leaders and managers on boards and in business; and even in daily activities as consumers. For a positive, healthy economy to thrive we need a more authentic human potential focus.With technology advancing at stupendous speed, people worldwide have started to become curious about the way they exist and live to work and work to live. They are awakening to personal choices they never experienced before, like where they live, work and play. Work life balance is so important to many more people now. Humans on the planet are now taking more control of their own destinies.

Those who lead and manage in business are part of the human potential that also seek these things.

We must make room for this to occur and support their need for authentic decision making that makes real impact on the ecosystem of their business, society, the world and the planet.

I am a realist and know the world is not perfect.  I value people and life. The more I live my life and work with incredible people, the better my life becomes. Life is truly a gift.

When I am not supporting executives, leaders and managers in businesses and on projects you can usually find me tramping in New Zealand or skiing in Canada. I love cycling and am partial to a ‘good’ glass of Shiraz.

“Your time is precious, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”   (Steve Jobs)



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