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We help you look beyond 'business as usual'; providing tools and techniques to search for better solutions. 


Your solutions establish the foundations for the 'right' concentrated effort that will lead you to success.  

'Let's look differently at the world, together searching for what's possible’ 






Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know!  

Sometimes you just need an independent opinion on the way forward.


With direct experience working with multi-million dollar business and projects, typical requests from company executives, senior project directors, leaders, managers and teams include: 


Closing the gap between the vision and implementation through business planning and operational efficiency;

Assessing and transforming leader and manager focus to deliver beyond expectation;

Consultation and solution co-creation with teams to identify blind spots that limit operational excellence and; 

Objection handling, negotiation tactics and conflict mediation. 


“I have known and worked with Shaneen for three (3) years. In that time she has proven to me to have the confidence, capability and full integrity to help me and my team get results. In her capacity as coach, advisor and facilitator she has provided valued contribution to our team, and in particular, our winning of a high competed for project, the Abercrombie Business School and Student Accommodation, University of Sydney, with a combined project budget of $250 million, which was successfully completed in 2015; and RAAf Willaimtown Stage 2 in 2015 valued at $275 Million, which will see delivery phase construction to begin in 2016.”

Adrian Mulhall, Project Director, NSW/NZ, CPB Contractors 


Sometimes it is worthwhile to go beyond technique and get to the heart of what the challenges are. You have the answers you need within to know how to run your business. What is needed is additional support in finding clarity; and with a little expert advice to resolve specific challenges. 


If you have an area that you think we can help you with, contact us today so we can help your company grow and achieve beyond business as usual. 


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