One More Step for Mankind. Can We Save The World Through ‘Disruptive Projection’?

October 11, 2017 Shaneen Meyers No comments exist

How many of us believe in making the world a kinder, friendlier, better, safer place to live?

How many of us believe that it is possible to make longer-term changes for a better global future?

With one small step as a human collective; it is possible to make a difference that ultimately leads to a better world. It is called ‘Disruptive Projection’.

With a global population of over 7.5 billion people; there are over 3.5 billion internet users who send over 120 billion emails; and 342 million tweets daily.

Every day we read or watch the news on our many devices available to us.

No matter where we live in the world we are touched by news of hardship, anarchy, confusion and chaos.

We ask ourselves or each other, “why is this happening?”

My response is; it has always been happening, yet the quantum has exploded over recent years with the extent and magnitude to which we are touched by it; whether someone we know, where we live, or somewhere we travelled.

Since time immemorial, there have always been tribal laws, customs and cultural ways of being, that result in violence, punishment, segregation or banishment. Intertribal wars over land grabs, acts of punishment by death, or the dishing out of lashings were and are still rife.

My question I pose is “what’s next?”

We cannot sustain this current way of life. If this mayhem continues our world will implode. “What would that look like?” Our economy would collapse.

Imagine our future, like the movie of Veronica Roth’s book ‘Divergent’ or George Miller’s ‘Mad Max, Fury Road’? One thing is for sure; we would no longer worry about unemployment, cost of living, green living, or even mining controversies. These would become irrelevant.

Survival would rule and factions would dominate until implosion.

“What are our options?”

“Do we do nothing and hope?” For some, they believe there is nothing they can do about the current world situation; every day getting up (or not), going to work or doing work of some sort, coming home, watching the news of horrible events and doing it all again tomorrow.

Others are angry at the world and angry at the events that are confronting us. Some still do nothing and some do something.

“Can we do something and hope for a better future?”

On the positive side of the world equation, some believe they are doing their small part for humanity. Even if we cannot control world events individually, some come together as a collective to help build better communities physically and or spiritually.

Some come together and pray or meditate for peace, to free humanity from the clutches of mayhem and disaster. Others are actively being kinder to the environment, and to each other.

This is ‘Disruptive Projection’. That is, the act of groups of people, projecting or propelling, a collective act, a collective visual or a collective mental state, outward, that is different from the state that currently is.

This means if ‘we’ as a collective come together to project out to the world a different state than currently exists; then the likelihood of a global change is possible; a change for the better.

Is this doable? Are they just another faction? Many say “yes, this is doable”.

What many are seeing and participating in, are like minded individuals and collectives of individuals gathering physically or online in an effort to unbalance the negative forces at play causing the world turmoil.

So, if we project a state of peace and harmony across the world; which is different than currently touched by hardship, anarchy, confusion and chaos; an unbalancing effect happens to the current negative world turmoil; and then a re-balancing of the world will occur to create calmness and peace.

Through a process of projection of peace in humanity by collectives of individuals and small groups creates what we know as the ‘Butterfly Effect’.

Scientific theory of the ‘butterfly effect’ postulates that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. Examples include, social media marketing like after pay services, crowd sourcing, and the use of language as ‘fake news’; with messages touching millions, causing a chain reaction of activity that was different that before.

Imagine multiple single concurrent positive occurrences across the world. Imagine the impact on future world events.

Imagine what it would be like. Imagine the pebble in the pond analogy and the outward wave effects on humanity.

There is an amazing clip that illustrates some research, way back in the 80’s that created a ‘butterfly effect’ of meditation, in the hope of cessation of war.  The collective intent, in effect, is to disrupt the current world disharmony, causing a hiatus and a pause in the continuity of war and violent activity.

Titled, ‘Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?’ Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin explains:

In closing, a final question… “in which group do you sit; the ‘do nothing and hope group’; or the ‘do something group and still hope for a better future group’?”

I implore everyone to get cracking on your ‘disruptive projection’ out into communities and together WE can make universal change for the better.

Written and published by Shaneen Meyers, Managing Director

At-One Co.

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